New Church of Phoenix, created 2014

New Church of Phoenix

5631 E. Shea Blvd, Scottsdale 85254
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Worshipping at 10:30 AM Sundays
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a New Way of Understanding Christianity

We are currently studying the book

 ‘Divine Providence’ by Emanuel  Swedenborg.   

Consider this key idea:

“The more closely we are united with the Lord the happier we become.”

(Divine Providence No. 27)

Please join us each Monday at 1:30 pm at the church.

You are encouraged to call ahead to make sure that there are no last minute schedule changes.

What is the

“New Church”?

The “New Church” is many things. On one level the term New Church refers to a spiritual concept of heaven, and heaven on earth, in which all people are motivated by love to the Lord and love for their neighbor.  On a more natural level the term refers to people who take their spiritual guidance from the Old and New Testament Scriptures as well as the theological works of a man named Emanuel Swedenborg.  

For more information on Swedenborg and his theological works please click here or on the image opposite “Who Was Swedenborg?” For a video produced by the Swedenborg Foundation.

Our Congregation

Here at the New Church of Phoenix we are constantly striving to live and share our core values:

Doctrine: The Old Testament, the New Testament and the Heavenly Doctrines composed via Emanuel Swedenborg are the Word of the One God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the foundation of all we do.

Stewardship: We are to be responsible custodians of the Lord’s gifts so that we can share them with others.

Service: We are to strive to live lives of faith through loving service to the neighbor. The life and spirit of heaven are expressed by manifesting the Lord’s love for us in all that we do.

Community: We are to provide fellowship through worship, music, individual support, help and counseling.

Teaching: We are to provide opportunities to teach all ages about the Lord’s love for all and the reality of heaven.

Marriage: We are to promote healthy relationships and the sanctity of marriage to eternity.    

Follow the ‘offTheLeftEye’ YouTube channel to learn more about the “New Church” way of understanding God, ourselves and the world.

Follow the “offTheLeftEye” YouTube channel.

Our building has a new

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